La Collina dei Nebrodi


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April '23

OUR story

In the late 1990s, a group of friends fell in love with the view that can still be admired from La Collina dei Nebrodi. They thought it was unique and beautiful, and since the place was abandoned, as soon as they found out it was for sale they did not hesitate to buy it. They did not yet know what they were going to do with that paradise, and that is how the story began.... After a long renovation, in which rooms were added to the stone building and a swimming pool was built, La Collina dei Nebrodi was, from 2007 to 2012, an agriturismo, a typical Italian farm holiday. This was an exceptional experience for the guys, who were able to meet people from all over the world, having great success. In 2012, a group of travelers booked all the rooms in the villa and asked to have each space for their exclusive use, to celebrate the birthday of one of them. During their stay, those guests greatly stimulated Sergio and Gisella Russo by providing a lot of advice and new points of view, as well as suggesting a very interesting idea, which was to rent the villa for the exclusive use of one group at a time. In the end Segio and Gisella discovered that those valuable tips came from an expert in the field.

From 2012 onward, La Collina dei Nebrodi turned into a private villa, owned and managed by the Russo family, which rents it out to one group at a time. The Russo family immediately had a lot of enthusiasm in fact, during those years, their daughter Claudia decided to enroll at the University of Palermo and attend a course in Tourism Science and then a Master Degree in Tourism Systems and Hospitality Management. After finishing her studies Claudia is responsible for customer relations and has good experience as an event planner in the villa.

Nowadays the entire villa, the pool and all the surroundings, can only be used by the group renting it. Spaces for sharing important moments are favored, one of which is the kitchen, the beating heart of the villa, which allows everyone to come together to cook and entertain. A vineyard and vegetable garden has also been planted from which delicious wine and organic vegetables are produced. The wonderful surroundings are still being explored and shared with travelers.

The Russo Family, as hosts, are constantly striving to improve the groups' stay by providing personalized and quality service, offering not a standard vacation, but an authentic Sicilian hospitality experience.

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